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Inspired by the royal decree of The King “Sabda Pandita Ratu” (The Word of The King), the inspiration was born and seethed in the deepest heart. Then, it flares up violently, blazes and never stop as the flame of a bonfire. Like the torch of life that illuminates the mind and the niche of the soul. When in silent, it urges, it pushes, moreover it almost stomps for the inspiration to travel to penetrate the sphere of reality. And this body cannot resist the flares that stomp. When in travel, the inspiration always follows where the foot is stepping. It always tempts, it tickles to take action to make the earth live in rejoice.

The inspiration takes us run through the fog of life in the crowded world. Yes…the wisdom from the East has finally arised. The hope from the East is now present and it greets in a time. The time to reach the eternal peace of humankind. The time of Suryawukukala Indonesia.

After nine years exploring the meaning, the purpose, the philosophy of The Time, then, at the foot of Mount Merapi, at the yard of Borobudur, the inspiration was reached and the desire in the form of an ideal to reach arupadatu (the top statue in Borobudur). And before The Lady, named Ibu Tjiptaningroem, S. H, the notary, on January 14th 2014, Suryawukukala was established for the future of Indonesia and the world, as the progessor of the desire of The Kings.

Now, at this moment, today, in this era, he, Suryawukukala will dedicate his life for the humankind in eternal peace for all of time.