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The biggest archipelagic country on earth with more thah 17.500 islands and variety of ethnics and cultures.

The width of area is 1.904.000 square kilometers
Land area is 1.010.443 square kilometers climate is tropical
Average temperature 21 °C – 31 °C
Number of people is 220 million
Capital City Jakarta (population 9.3 million)
Number of ethnics 365 ethnic and tribal groups
Number of dialects is 583
Regional 87% Muslim, 9% Christian, 2% Hindu
GDP USD 67 billion, GDP per head USD 550

Geographical dimension
Located between Asian continent and Australia and between
Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
The islands are inhibited by many tribes with diverse culture and languages
The Country motto is BHINNEKA TUNGGAL IKA (unity in diversity)
The State philosophy is PANCASILA

Audio text & translate :

Wahai Teman-teman Pemuda Pemudi Indonesia,
My firends young people of Indonesia,

Sekarang ini, saat ini, kita sedang mengerjakan investment.
Right now, at this moment, we are working on investment.

Kita bersama-sama bahu-membahu, saling membantu bahu-membahu mengeluarkan keringat pengabdian.
We have come together to cooperate, help each other to cooperate in breaking the sweat of dedication.

Keringat pengabdian ini untuk rakyat Indonesia, negara Indonesia dan sebagai jawaban dari pengharapan para pahlawan Indonesia yang terkubur di taman-taman pahlawan.
This sweat of dedication is for the people of Indonesia, the country of Indonesia and as the answer of the hope of every heroes who are burried in the gardens tomb of heroes.

Saudara-saudara sekalian, Pemuda Pemudi sekalian, kita tumpahkan semua pengetahuan kita, kita tumpahkan semua ilmu kita, untuk apa? Untuk kado kehidupan anak-anak kita, untuk kado kehidupan anak cucu kita, untuk generasi Indonesia yang akan datang.
My brothers and sisters, the young people, we pour out all of our knowledge, we pour out all of our science, for what? For the gift of live to give to our children, for the gift of live to give to our children and grand children, for the next generation of Indonesia.

Maka, tegakkanlah kepalamu, kuatkanlah jiwa dan ragamu, dalam sumbangsihmu untuk masa yang akan datang, untuk masa depan Indonesia, masa depan negara Indonesia, masa depan rakyat Indonesia, masa depan tanah air Indonesia.
Therefore, keep your head up, strengthen your spirit and physic, in your contribution for the future era, for the future of Indonesia, for the future of the country of Indonesia, the future of the people of Indonesia, the future of the homeland Indonesia.